Distance learning coaching simplified with Pantomath

Key Features

User Management

Online & offline courses for learning

Course can be delivered to play offline and online both

License revocation

Admin has full control to deactivate user anytime during the course

License re-hosting

Flexibility to change the user’s device. Course will play only on one device at a time

Security Control Features

Encryption & protection together

Videos are encrypted using Black-Box encryption and protection is controlled via hardware or could licensing

Dynamic watermarking on video

Digital watermark is placed over videos dynamically without distrusting user’s learning experience

Course works on dedicated device

Course will run on dedicated device only. However admin has control to change the device (license re-hosting)

Dedicated player to run videos

Videos will run on protected inbuilt player only

No screen recording and sharing

User will not be able to record screen or share through remote desktop utilities

Print control

You will handle the printing control. It gives flexibility to allowing or disallowing user for printing

Admin/ Vendor Benefits & Features

Easy to user/ User-friendly interface

Course can be delivered to play offline and online both

Update or Deliver new videos anytime

Admin can add new video or course and share with users in few steps easily

Create multiple courses and sub-courses

Admin has flexibility to create multiple courses and further can divide course in multiple sub-courses

Copy course and rename

It gives feature to simply copy a course and rename it

Unlimited content in a course or sub-course

Admin can keep unlimited number learning content in a course or sub-course

White labelling to present your own brand

It gives flexibility to give your name to the course and give with your brand to users

Set expiration time limit

Provide time limit based course to the user. After expiry course will not play

Custom message

Admin has full control to customize message as per their target user market, courses etc

No IT training or server maintenance

You may require basic knowledge to operate it. No need to maintain any IT or server equipment at your place

Technical support

You will be trained to handle basic support issues (first level). Common channel will be provided to hand technical issues

Windows and Android

E-Learning solution is provided on Windows computer and Android device. Very soon it will support to Mac iOS as well

User Learning Experience features

Interactive and User friendly interface

A user friendly interface is helpful for user to improve learning experience

Test and Assessment

User can participate and check learning performance via test and assessments in course

Digital Notepad

User will get inbuilt notepad to quickly write notes while studying

Favourite videos

User can add videos in favourite for quick and future reference

Video snippets

User can bookmark certain video portions and add mark them as video snippet for quick and future reference

Offline video play

User can download video and play it offline. This will not effect on security